We offer advice on all aspects of VAT.

Advice and Support

HM Revenue and Customs impose charges if your return is not submitted on time or if you have made any mistakes. To avoid levies of this nature we offer a complete VAT return service, from book-keeping through to the production of your returns. We can also assist you with the production of intrastat forms and European Sales Lists.

Your queries

VAT is an ever-changing area and the way it affects your business can vary from day to day. Keeping on top of these changes can be an onerous task for any business. Our experience in keeping up with changes saves you from that problem. We are here to offer advice and resolve your queries.

VAT planning

Starting a new business venture, doing something out of the ordinary or even just altering your business slightly could affect the amount of VAT you pay and the viability of any change. We can advise you beforehand how these changes will affect you and the best way to reduce the burden on your business. This includes advising on the suitability of VAT schemes

Dealing with HM Revenue and Customs

From time to time you may have to deal with HM Revenue and Customs. This can be a daunting task, no matter what the level of your enquiry. We are experienced in liaising with the various departments within HM Revenue and Customs and will communicate with them on your behalf. We can assist you in dealing with an inspection, by hosting the visit or by being present at your premises during the visit, thereby being in a position to deal with any matters which may arise.

VAT assessment review

VAT assessments may be technically incorrect. We will review and advise you on your assessments.

VAT health-checks

It is always important to ensure that your business is paying the correct amount of VAT.